• Shari Gabourel

The Goadgetter Podcast Is Now LIVE

Hello Fellow Goadgetters!

I want to share a bit of exciting news with you. In addition to the Goadgetter Blog, I am venturing out into the land of podcasting

As most of you know, writing and sharing is my life's work. It's the passion project I never want to stop doing. And with today's advanced technology, I'm able to extend my passion for writing into an audio platform. My goal is to share more intimately how I'm doing as an actual Goadgetter...I plan to share the good, the bad, and the not so attractive aspects of my faith walk with you. It's not because you need to hear it, but it's because I need to talk about it. I find transparency to be freeing and prayerfully helpful to those who resonate with the story.

So please join me as I blog and podcast my way on this faith-based journey.

Doing it differently,


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