Meet Shari Gabourel

Christ - Follower, Wife, Mother & An Impassioned Writer

Shari Gabourel wrote her first book at the unsophisticated age of six. She had no idea the first-grade project would ignite a love of literature and liberate her inspirational strengths. And now following a number of "afters:"


After graduating college at the millennial age of 33, after marrying her first and only husband at the toughened age of 39, after birthing her first daughter at 40 and birthing her last daughter by 42, after a 26-year career in public safety, and after retiring at the capable age of 50, she has finally published her first book, Encouragement from a Sometimes Anxious and Mostly Believing Christ-Follower.


She is a living example of the expression, "It's never too late."

In addition to savoring the occasions she spends with her husband and tween-age girls, Shari is actively involved in church ministry and spends an inordinate amount of time writing faith-based articles...and her second book.

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