"If you're one of those Christ-followers who tends to be susceptible to frustration and anxiety, then we must be related. The words of encouragement found in these writings are intended to prod you along on this faith-based journey. You can really do what the Lord has directed you to. Just know you might have to do it tearfully and with uncertainty."

Encouragement from a Sometimes Anxious and Mostly Believing Christ Follower: The practice of living and moving in Christ despite your skepticism

By Shari Gabourel



Being a Christian is one of the most important choices I've ever made in my life. Although this path hasn't always been easy, I can't thank God enough for his grace as he guides me in this new journey. Reading your book re-infused my love and joy of the process. We must know his pain and suffering as we grow in our relationship. What a transformational book you've written! Bless you and all your endeavors!

Tanysha McGregor

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